Hey Y'all. Welcome to crazyuncletim.com. For those of you new to this neck of the woods, my name is Timothy Leydecker. I'm 52, single, have a Traumatic Brain Injury, and a wee touch of autism. I have been pursuing web design as a hobby for the better part of 24 years. I have no formal training in the art and am pretty much self taught through the process of trial and error. (I did have some help along the way but it was mostly just figure out what does and doesn't work all by myself.)

I currently live in Eureka, CA. A smallish northwestern town just 2 hours south of the Oregon border. I live in a 2 story house that i share with my parents (Yeah i konw what y'all are thinkin'. A guy like me livin' with his parents, but with my current situation i can't be choosy LOL).

I currently have an 11 year old tuxedo cat named Charlie Ann. We're both on Facebook. (I know a cat with her own Facebook page? That's pet coon goofy. But what can I say. One night I got bored and said why the hell not.) I attend a group called Making Headway. They're a day program for people with brain injuries.They also give out free helmets and do presentations to try and prevent new brain injuries.

I have no kids of my own but I have a small army of nieces and nephews both official and unofficially adopted. I love surfing the web, playing video games, watching TV and movies, and long romantic walks on the beach. I'm legally blind so driving is a no no for me. (Trust me. Anyone who has seen me play GTA or Need For Speed would probably agree with me on the no driving thing. LOL.)

Well off to watch TV now. I'm currently watching La Brea on Peacock. Will post new stuff as soon as I find it. Til then true believrs i'll see you in the funny papers.
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