{1. G4M3 0V3R}
{2. Down to Earth (KATFYR Remix)}
{3. Heart On (Aesthetic Perfection Remix)}
{4. Lost in Time (KJ Sawka Remix)}
{5. End of an Empire (Comaduster Remix)}
{6. G00D LUCK (Y0U'R3 833P3D)}
{7. Jericho (Circle of Dust Remix)}
{8. New Elysium (The Algorithm Remix)}
{9. Good Luck (You're F***ed) (Combichrist Remix)}
{10. N3W 3LY51UM}
{11. Precious One (Drumcorps Remix)}
{12. Breakout (I Will Never Be The Same Remix Feat. Scandroid)}
{13. Just Like You (Tom Player Remix)}

{14. J3R1CH0}
{15. New Elysium (Zardonic Remix)}
{16. Down to Earth (Celldweller Remix)}
{17. Breakout (Scandroid Remix)}
{18. Good Luck (You're F***ed) (Hecq Remix)}
{19. Heart On (Mister Faux Remix)}
{20. D0WN 2 34RTH}
{21. Just Like You (Mobthrow Remix)}
{22. Lost In Time (OCTiV Remix)}
{23. End Of An Empire (Breathe Carolina Remix)}
{24. Heart On (SeamlessR Remix)}
{25. Precious One (Rhys Fulber Remix)}