{1. Into the Void}
{2. Blind Lead the Blind}
{3. A Matter of Time}
{4. My Disintegration}
{5. Soul Parasites}
{6. Electric Eye}
{7. Baptized in Fire}
{8. The End of the World}
{9. The End of the World|}Celldweller & Daedric}
{10. Into the Void (Instrumental)}
{11. Blind Lead the Blind (Instrumental)}
{12. A Matter of Time (Instrumental)}
{13. My Disintegration (Instrumental)}
{14. Soul Parasites (Instrumental)}
{15. Electric Eye (Instrumental)}
{16. Baptized In Fire (Instrumental)}
{17. The End of the World (Instrumental)}
{18. The End of the World (Instrumental)}{Celldweller & Daedric}

{19. Into The Void (Single Edit)}
{20. Blind Lead the Blind (Single Edit)}
{21. A Matter of Time (Single Edit)}
{22. My Disintegration (Single Edit)}
{23. Electric Eye (Single Edit)}
{24. Baptized In Fire (Single Edit)}
{25. Into the Void (Single Edit) (Instrumental)}
{26. Blind Lead the Blind (Single Edit) (Instrumental)}
{27. A Matter of Time (Single Edit) (Instrumental)}
{28. My Disintegration (Single Edit) (Instrumental)}
{29. Electric Eye (Single Edit) (Instrumental)}
{30. Baptized in Fire (Single Edit) (Instrumental)}